Just back from a fantastic Christmas Markets cruise on the Rhine. Amazing five days of living in a happy vegan bubble, travelling with likeminded individuals from various nations. Eating, drinking vegan.. being able to eat EVERYTHING onboard. What a difference to mainstream cruises where you find yourself always asking, doubting and having to bother staff for vegan options. I cannot wait to book again - thank you, Dirk!
Sanna Burns
We are just back from the utterly amazing first vegan ocean cruise to Norway... And it was glorious. The relief and the elation we both felt at being with so many other compassionate people was quite overwhelming... The choice of food was incredible.. Even a non vegan would perhaps not have even noticed the food WAS in fact vegan.. Thank you to all who organised this wonderful experience ..and for taking a chance on us vegans... The ship was full to capacity.
Linda North
A brilliant all vegan cruise to Norway. The best holiday I’ve had mainly because I was surrounded by vegans in their vegan tshirts. The food was great, varied and plentiful and I particularly liked the fact that there were cream teas in the afternoon. The ship was a good size , not too big, so that it was possible to meet friends ( and make new friends) when walking on the decks. (The shows every night were brilliant down to the cruise line of course). I am desperate to hear of another one from the UK.
Angie Wright
I went on the Norway 2017 cruise from 25th Sept to 2nd Oct, and what an incredible experience for a first-time cruiser! It was amazing. The food was nonstop and plentiful, so much choice and taste! The people were gorgeous - we made lots of new friends and fantastic memories. Would definitely cruise with you again when we get the opportunity to. Thanks for a brilliant holiday!
Andrea Wren
This was our 4th trip with Dirk and his wonderful voyages. We have done 3 river cruises and this wonderful ocean cruise to Norway. If you are a vegan, this is the only way to vacation! In 2018 we have booked 2 more river cruises. You meet nice people, enjoy great meals, beautiful boats and cabins, you are somewhere new every day the boat docks and the shore tours are a great way to experience other countries and the way the people there live their lives. You also get some exercise hiking around these wonderful destinations.
Phil Duncan
Just back from the New Year Cruise. The idea of a vegan cruise is really good. It has been wonderful to spend a holiday without worrying about what to eat. The general organization was simply perfect. There was plenty of food at any time, from a rich breakfast buffet to a 24 hours open bar with vegan cocktails and a night snack at 11:00 pm. The coffee machines were provided with soy milk. In my cabin I found two different kinds of organic shower gel, shampoo and conditioner
Sara Mazzini